What is IBISBA?

A European Distributed Research Infrastructure

IBISBA is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to industrial biotechnology. We federate European expertise to provide researchers from academia and industry across the globe with integrated services for all stages of bioprocess development projects.

Our Vision

A world where Europe’s industrial biotechnology drives the global circular bioeconomy transition.

Advancing Industrial Biotechnology

Since 2017, we have been building a permanent, interdisciplinary research community whose common goal is to advance industrial biotechnology in Europe. From life sciences, to chemical engineering, and computational sciences, IBISBA provides greater accessibility to national research facilities and services across Europe in order to provide seamless support for end-to-end bioprocess development. Each research facility provides its unique expertise, forming the different links in the biotechnology R&D value chain.

Together, they ensure the necessary R&D continuum across all upstream to downstream R&D activities required for industrial biotech projects to scale. Moreover, IBISBA is designed to meet 21st century science and technology challenges, providing the depth of pan-European cooperation required to harness the opportunities offered by powerful digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence.


Supporting the European Green Deal

Part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap since 2018, and as a major distributed RI, IBISBA contributes to the formation of an integrated European research infrastructure landscape. Specifically, by accelerating industrial biotechnology R&D&I, IBISBA constitutes a key element of the European Green Deal, supporting its ambition to deliver a more sustainable and competitive circular bioeconomy. In this regard, IBISBA helps to reach EuropaBio’s projections, which anticipate that Europe’s industrial biotechnology  will grow to up to 900,000-1,500,000 jobs in 2030. By then, the industrial biotechnology sector is foreseen to reach a turnover of between 57 to 99 billion €, an 84-220% growth from 2013.

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