Newsletter May 2024

Biotecnologies taking centre stage at BIOKET 2024

BIOKET, a beacon of international collaboration, is an annual conference that not only dedicates itself to Key Enabling Technologies and Innovations applied to biomass valorisation but also strives to produce high-added-value products across diverse sectors of the global economy.

Beyond its role as a gathering for industry leaders, BIOKET serves as a pivotal platform for connecting, exchanging ideas, and fostering sustainable businesses and partnerships on a global scale, making each attendee a part of this impactful community.

Our strategic relations manager, Marie Ancelin, once again took the stage at BIOKET, proudly representing IBISBA. She actively engaged with attendees, showcasing the numerous opportunities for collaboration within our network and reinforcing our commitment to advancing the bioeconomy. 

One prominent theme echoed by industry leaders such as Peter Wehrheim from the European Commission DG RTD is the integral role of regions in propelling the bioeconomy forward. Wehrheim emphasised the importance of research and innovation across various stakeholders and highlighted the imminent update of the bioeconomy strategy in 2025.

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore, Executive Director of CBE JU, underscored the enduring relevance of the EU bioeconomy strategy, which is critical today. He particularly drew attention to the Antwerp declaration for a European industrial deal, a significant development that provides valuable insights for advancing industrial biotechnology.

Sylvie Lemoine, Deputy Director General & Executive Director of Industrial Policy at CEFIC, shed light on the European Commission DG Grow call for transition initiatives in the chemical industry, presenting an opportunity for IBISBA to contribute through pilot projects aimed at sustainable production facilities.

Guillaume Lamy, Commercial Director at ARD, emphasised the critical role of Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in project success, which aligns with IBISBA’s comprehensive service offerings. 

IBISBA stands at their intersection, ready to harness the momentum of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. This readiness positions IBISBA as a leader in the bioeconomy, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of transformative change for the future that is taking shape.

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