Project Overview


Following the Preparatory Phase (ended in 2023) the IBISBA-DIALS project aims to complete preparatory work, create and launch IBISBA as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

Results will ensure that IBISBA-ERIC  is well structured and sustainable, possessing a central HQ and solid National Nodes located in several EU Members States. IBISBA-DIALS will also confer the future Research Infrastructure (RI) with vital tools and procedures, securing operational status immediately after its creation. Moreover, the project will provide IBISBA-ERIC with a committed stakeholder base, the potential to expand into new European or Associate Countries, and international visibility. Finally, IBISBA-DIALS will reinforce IBISBA’s scientific and technology excellence, while embedding its activities in a framework of responsible research and innovation and developing its role as an essential component of education in industrial biotechnology.

Work in IBISBA-DIALS will be performed by a core group of project partners representing the most committed EU member countries. However, all work will be performed in close cooperation with a wider group of IBISBA stakeholders bound by a Memorandum of Understanding.

In the medium-term standpoint, IBISBA-DIALS will provide the European RI landscape with a new landmark RI that uniquely produces translational research services in the fields of Industrial Biotechnology, thus supporting the development of smart biomanufacturing.